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Chemo-scale™ is an analysis of tumor cells to provide drug efficacy and resistance guidance for cancer therapy. Chemo-scale™ analysis helps personalization of cancer treatment by minimizing the risks of therapy failure for the patient, thus saving money, reducing ‘trial and errorʼ, and most importantly, reducing the toxic effects of chemotherapy drugs which have low efficacy.

Today, even antibiotics are given only after checking for their effectiveness against the particular infection. It is only logical that powerful but potentially toxic chemotherapy treatments are administered only after verification of their efficacy for a particular patient.

Chemo-scale™ tests the action of several chemotherapy drugs against an individuals tumor / tumor associated cells from a simple blood sample and helps determine drugs to be preferred / avoided.


Tailored Treatment

Precision medicine allows healthcare providers to customize treatments based on an individual’s unique genetic and molecular characteristics, increasing the likelihood of successful outcomes while minimizing side effects.

Reduced Side Effects

By considering a patient’s specific genetic predispositions and responses to medications, personalized medicine helps minimize adverse drug reactions and unnecessary treatments, leading to a more comfortable and safer patient experience.

Data-Driven Decision Making

With the aid of advanced technologies and data analysis, precision medicine empowers clinicians to make informed decisions, optimizing patient care and leading to more efficient and cost-effective healthcare practices.


Non-invasive, in vitro chemosensitivity on Circulating Tumor-Associated Cells (C-TACs) or tumor cells isolated from a fresh biopsy sample to evaluate response / resistance to anti-cancer drugs.

For Whom?

All patients who have been advised chemotherapy at any stage of their disease.

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Sample requirement:
Fresh Tumor Tissue (5 cores) in DCG Transport Media


Whole Blood in EDTA Tube – 10 to 15 mL

Step 3

Test results should be available within 12 business days after the sample is received at our facility.

The test report will be sent to your registered e-mail id.

Pricing and Billing


The test costs only
Rs. 75,000/-
(including home collection).

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We are a world-leading molecular oncology facility with a fully equipped laboratory, integrated process platforms, in-house bioinformatics team, and a huge genetic database for precise and updated reporting. The facility is NABL, ISO, CAP and CLIA accredited. National and international cancer research institutes, and patients from all over the world including US, Switzerland, Germany and UK avail our services. We have developed breakthrough technologies for early detection of cancers and these tests are now available in Europe and the United States. With the help of latest technology and several years of extensive research, we offer highly effective treatment solutions to cancer patients for whom, multiple lines of treatment have failed.


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We're Here to Help

Thank you for your interest. We request you to confirm your email address before we proceed. Kindly fill up the form and send, to receive the brochure by email.


We're Here to Help

Thank you for your interest. We request you to confirm your email address before we proceed. Kindly fill up the form and send, to receive the brochure by email.

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