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Chemo - resistance Profiling of
Circulating Tumor Associated Cells


A prescription blood test to identify cancer patients who may benefit from administration of chemotherapy regimens.

For Whom

Patients who have been diagnosed with solid organ cancers and who are being considered for administration of anti-cancer chemotherapy regimens, as well as those who are currently receiving anti-cancer treatment regimens.


Patients undergo a simple blood draw, from which circulating tumor associated cells are enriched and evaluated for in vitro resistance to chemotherapy drugs.


Chemotherapy drugs remain the mainstay of most anti-cancer treatment regimens. There are currently no tests to pre-determine chemotherapy resistance in cancer cells. Chemo-scale is a blood test to determine the in vitro response of cancer cells to chemotherapy drugs and assess the risk of chemo-resistance and treatment failure.

Revolutionary Technology

The technology that powers Chemo-scale is wholly developed in India and validated stringently to meet global standards.


  • Non-invasive, safe, convenient, and patient-friendly.
  • No need for hospitalization/visit to an advanced healthcare facility.
  • Suitable for use at any stage of the cancer management pathway.
  • Not prone to intra and inter-tumoral heterogeneity.

Chemosensitivity Evaluation of Circulating Tumor Associated Cells

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A Revolutionary Blood Test To Detect Caner Early, So That It Could Be Cured.


A Simple Blood Test for Cancer Diagnosis. It Could Save Your Life.

Therapy Guidance

We Can Help Physicians Make More Informed Treatment Decisions.


A Powerful Test For Better Management And Monitoring of Cancer Treatments.


A Simple Blood Test To Detect Cancer Early,
So That It Could Be Cured.

A Simple Blood Test for Cancer Diagnosis.
It Could Save Your Life.

We can help physicians make more informed treatment decisions.

A Powerful Test For Better Management and
Monitoring of Cancer Treatments.


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