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Most frequent questions and answers

Chemo-scale determines in vitro response of CTACs to various chemotherapy drugs. If a chemotherapy drug induces low cell death, it means that the CTACs are resistant to the drug and if the chemotherapy drug induces high cell death, it means that the CTACs are not resistant to the drug. These findings are reported for all the chemotherapy drugs that are tested.

Chemo-scale reports the in vitro resistance of CTACs to the drugs, which have been observed to be associated with treatment resistance and disease progression. Chemo-scale findings however are not directly indicative of therapy failure or disease progression. The clinical status of the disease and treatment outcome has to be determined based on appropriate clinical evaluations as decided by the treating physician.

Currently, Chemo-scale is not intended to provide information on targeted anticancer agents. DCG offers other tests (Exacta, Pinaka, CellDx) which may be considered by the treating physician for the purpose of selecting targeted anti-cancer agents.

Chemo-scale evaluates each chemotherapy drug individually and not in combinations.

Chemo-scale is a prescription only test and may only be ordered by a licenced medical practitioner.